Betti Vainküla


nameBetti Vainküla
sail noEST 212
aboutBorn in Estonia and started windsurfing at Pirita Surfclub - my second home,  when I was around 13. Started off with Techno293 and then slowly moved to formula and to RS:X, eventually ended up in Slalom.  I also finished my studies in IT and the goal is to combine work, windsurf and competitions.
Being from a cold country, makes it difficult to train during the winters, happily I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel around the world and be on the water as much as possible. 
career highlightsVice European Champion Slalom 2019 & Vice European Champion Slalom in ice-windsurfing 2019
favourite sailsGA Vapor
favourite boardTabou Manta
words to live byit’s you against you… everyday ;)