Dominik Mühlematter


nameDominik Mühlematter
sail noSUI-198
aboutI was born in Switzerland in 1999, close to a mountain lake. At the age of 6 years I started my career in ski racing and I won lots of medals. But more and more I got the windsurfing fever. At 11 years old I began with windsurfing competitions and since then I participated with my GA sails every year on the Swiss Windsurfing Tour and on international races. In 2018 I was seriously infected with the Windfoil virus.
career highlights- 7 th World Championship Slalom, IFCA 2012 (U15)
- 3 th Defi Wind, Gruissan 2014 (U16)
- 3 th Defi Wind, Gruissan 2015 (U16)
- 3 th Swiss Windsurfing Tour, Racing 2018 (Overall)
- 2 nd Swiss Championship, Foiling 2018 (U20)
- 1 st Swiss Windsurfing Tour, Slalom 2018 (U20)
- 1 st Swiss Windsurfing Tour, Foiling 2018 (U20)
favourite sailsGA Vapor Air 9.8 and GA Vapor 7.9
favourite boardTabou Air Ride+ 91 and Tabou Manta 71