Nicolas Goyard


nameNicolas Goyard
sail noFRA-465
aboutGrown up on a sailing boat in New Caledonia, I began to windsurf 13 years ago and found out I love that sport... And now, I’m falling in love with Windsurfing again with the amazing experience, which is foiling!
I’m now studying engineering in the south of France and I’ll participate in the whole 2019 PWA Tour with some high goals in the foiling discipline. Let’s see what this year brings!
career highlights2-times Youth Slalom World Champion
16th PWA Costa Brava Slalom 2015
5th PWA Nouméa Foiling 2017
5th PWA Costa Brava Foiling 2018
2nd PWA Sylt Foiling 2018
favourite sailsVapor 7.1
favourite boardAirride + 91
words to live byLove all. Trust few.