Nic Hibdige


nameNic Hibdige
sail noK-700
aboutI started windsurfing when I was 9 years old and have been stoked on it since! I was lucky enough to visit Bonaire numerous times when I was younger, home to some of the worlds top freestyle talent. Watching the Locals rip it up on the water every day opened my eyes to the Freestyle discipline.

My ambition is to keep enjoying Windsurfing as much as I do and to continue to travel and compete in as many places around the world. One day id like to be stood on the podium with the top dogs, so thats what Im working to achieve.

Outside of windsurfing I like to spend my days exploring the coasts around me looking for waves with friends. I love to skate, cruising round back home exploring new spots and parks is a dream... ive had to skate less and less though as last year I tore a ligament in my foot so am being abit more cautious as my main focus is the Windsurfing.
career highlightsPWA World Tour 2016- 19th overall
UKWA Freestyle 2013 - 3rd overall Pro
UKWA Freestyle 2012 - Youth Champion
favourite sails4.8 Pure
favourite board100L Twister
words to live byWhat goes up must come down, stay level.