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Ben van der Steen: The 2014 IFCA Slalom World Champion - The Report

The ICFA worlds slalom was held in the Azores Pria de Victoria in a big bay / Harbour . The conditions in the first few days were impossible to race with the gusty and shifty winds at that time. But at least we could get out and sail a little . On day 4 the sun came out and as the locals said the winds came with the sunshine!! With a poor forecast of wind it still blew from 12 up to 27 knots in the gusts.

Ben van der Steen: The 2014 IFCA Slalom World Champion

We managed to round off a full slalom elimination in these conditions and it was difficult to pick the gear as we were racing on the other side of the bay and with the winds varying as the it was I took my 8.6 GA vapor for the 1st round with my 135 Tabou Manta and a 47 fin. I was a little rusty after not doing much the last 5 days but after a bad start and a really overpowered 1st reach I was in 2nd behind Andrea Rosati and stayed there to pass into round 2.
Round 2
I took my smaller board , the 116 Tabou Manta with 8.6 GA-sails and a 40 fin  and that was feeling really good !! after getting a little stuck behind the start line in a little wind hole I did not get the best start but I had very good board speed and managed to already be back in 5th by the 1st mark and on the 2nd reach I managed to pass to 4th to pass on to the semi finals .
Round 3 semi finals
The gear was feeling great so I stayed on the same setup with a start a little higher up on the startline I did not get to the 1st mark in the best position but rounded top 5 but I needed to be top 4 to pas to the final !! After a little battle with Ludo Jossin who I managed to pass on the 2nd gybe I was back in 4th and finished the race like that to pass to the final.
Final the winds were getting a little more shifty but still good . All the guys were down at the pin exempt for me and gonzalo that decided to start a little higher up on the line . I had an ok start not amazing but being on top off the fleet gave the advantage to get the gust 1st and go more downwind and with really good board speed I managed to pass everyone and arrive 1st at the 1st mark and stayed in 1st the whole course and win the Elimination .

Ben van der Steen: The 2014 IFCA Slalom World Champion

With no wind on the last day the World championships were done .
Top 5 of the IFCA World 2014

1. NED-57 Benny van der Steen     GA-sails, Tabou, Mystic, Different, Malabau
2. ITA-140 Matteo Iachino         Northsails , Fanatic
3. GER-1 Vincent Langer         P7 , RRD
4. ISR-1 Dagan Arnon            Neilpryde , RRD
5. FRA-916 Pascal Toselli        P7 , Starboard

Ben van der Steen: The 2014 IFCA Slalom World Champion

GA Sails Slalom Team in Tenerife

Sarah wins the Koa Bowl Stand Up Paddle Surfing Event

Photo by: Sofie Louca

Sarah Delaunay wins Koa Bowl Stand Up Paddle Surfing Event (Ho'okipa Beach Park)

Sarah comments:
"The KOA Bowl was a local Maui SUP competition on the spot of Pavilion last Sunday, which is at Hookipa, just upwind from the main windsurfing break. The event was more informal compared to the world tour first stop on Oahu 2 weeks ago, but the level of competition was still very high and I was excited to surf a wave that I had never tried before on Maui, the island of watermen and waterwomen!!!

I am very proud to have won this competition. It is an amazing experience and proof that my confrontation with the world's best at Turtle bay made me grow technically and mentally. The goal in 2014 is France championships!"


pls find more shots here: www.facebook.com/tabouboards


Ben van der Steen: The 2014 IFCA Slalom World Champion



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