One board that can do it all is right here! When you want to bump, jump, go fast, ride waves and work on some small freestyle moves, look no further than the 3S. Designed to give you a smooth ride in any condition, the 3S gets planing early, has a good top speed and turns with ease! One of the most all round boards on the market, it’s strongpoints come from a compact outline and a precise rocker line that put this board on auto pilot. Sheet in and go for the ride of your life!




  • New models in 76 & 86 liters
  • More range and ease of use


New outline and conventional tail shape in the smaller sizes (86 & 76 liters). Better control and more top end speed.


  • Dual Tail Technology on the 97 & 107


Enables better stability while slogging and let the board freeup once you get planing. This feature also aids in freestyle maneuvers to allow some forgiveness when going tail first


  • New Footstraps


Easy adjustment with new anti twist screw / washer

  • Available in “Standard” and “LTD” construction