When school is in session, be sure to come prepared with this board- Time tested shapes that bring a smile to all faces. Learning is easy and the Cool Rider lets you do it in style!

The perfect balance of width and volume distribution make each of the 3 sizes very comfortable to sail. The dagger board setup can be easily added or removed giving versatility to beginners and intermediates.

Center strap configuration makes sailing a breeze. The Dual Deck Shape combines a full rail with the comfort of a rounded deck giving the rider a great platform to learn on.


  • AST construction, styro/fiberglass core
  • 3mm-4mm EVA deck for comfort and safety
  • Coolrider 160 with centerfin
  • Comes with an extra FR 36 fin and Plug Power Box
  • Coolrider 180 & 200 with 60cm adjustable dagger board
  • Complete with all footstraps
  • Intergrated handle in the front
  • Optional tail handle
Tabou Shaper

The Cool Rider delivers the performance we look for in a beginner board- easy to teach the basics because of the stability and lots of comfort with the EVA Deck pad. Durability is top of the line!