Summer Fun

Looking good and staying cool is what the CoolRider is all about. Stylish on the beach and Cool on the water, this range of boards is everything you need to learn all the tricks for your first time on the water!


Schools all over the globe have noted the ease of use with this board. We have taken all the feedback from our big surf school team and found the perfect blend of function for what these boards need to do! The focus, of course, it is as easy as possible for beginners to make, but no one has fun with a board that will be boring after 5 days. The EVA deck makes it perfect for beginners and longboard freestyle. The handle in the nose makes it easy to carry to the beach and lots of rubber damping ensures a long life.

  • 100% EVA deck
  • grab handle in the front


NEW Cool rider 190

We made a few changes and increased the volume by 10 liters making a wider tail for more early non active planing and easier in slow jibes. We also added a bit of tail kick to make jibing easier.

Feature :

  • 10 liter extra liters : easier for everything
  • Wider tail : better non active planing, easier slow jibe
  • Small kick tail easier in the jibe


NEW Coolrider 160

The new Coolrider 160 is now 265 long, 5 cm longer. This combined with a wider tail make it more smooth on nonplaning to planing and also make it get on the plane quicker!
It also has a thiner center line foil making it more stable.


  • New outline 5cm longer and wider tail makes a better transition from non planing to planing
  • New rocker is more smooth in front for better non planing ability
  • Thinner center line foil : more stable and easier in the jibe.
  • Special handle that doesn’t make us lose surface area on bottom.


Davy Scheffers

Its fun from the moment you step on- this baby is sooooo EASY!

Bottom Line

Summer fun with the family or just a day at the beach, the Cool Rider is the perfect board to have some fun!