The success of our racing team comes from lots of R&D. The Manta board range delivered top results on the world cup all season long. For 2008, we have introduced 2 new shapes to set these boards on a new playing field.

The already proven fast and controllable rocker lines remain thesame. A deep double concave starts at the nose and fairs into the front footstraps with a maximum depth at 50cm from the nose. This makes for a smoother ride and increases planing by pressuring air under the hull and lifting the board up. Top end speed and control has never been better. Manta 54 is the newest shape in the stable. Built for top end speed and turning ease, this new baby will knock
your socks off. The rails have upgraded to more fullness on the deck and a bit more tuck on the bottom to give
the grip needed to crank a turn at 40 knots.

Manta 59 sees a completely new design very much like the 54. Refined rails on the deck with more tuck on the bottom, this speed machine is ready to rumble.

Our theory remains, “if it works, don’t fix it!” The 2008 Manta range is highly competitive and will continue to

impress the best!

Manta features for the Big guys:

  • Flex adjustable flap and vacuum release system.
  • The plan was to get a reliable light and simple system. We came out with a flap held by 2 screws and delivered with 2 different sized spacer’s to adjust their height and fine-tune your board balance.
  • These flaps allow the air to circulate under them from the back to the front of the cut out releasing the vacuum created by speed on the hull and making the water come down in to the cut out.
  • The flaps also have some flex. This makes them bend when touching the water so that it’s more smooth and free feeling. You can adjust this flex by moving the spacer forward or backward.


Now you can custom tailor your racing board to your weight. Adjustability will be a big factor in winning races.

We are sure the Manta’s will be everybody’s favorite.