A complete redesign of the Pocket wave has evolved to deliver the finer aspects of wavesailing performance.

Quick turns and more stability are new for 2008. Set a rail and hang on because when you tell the Pocket to turn, it wastes no time. Bump and jump, freestyle and high wind blasting are second nature for this ride! The outline comes from last years board and has been stretched out in length and given a slightly narrower tail section. The Volume and Widepoint have been moved forward. The Pin tail ads more control and directional stability to handle a wider range of sailor levels. The Pocket will make beginners and pro’s alike keep coming back for more.



  • New outline & Wave Fin
  • Refined rails & More control
  • Wave Compact: Jump like the pro’s and plane like a dream. Lighter nose and superior balance.
  • New Rocker Line: Easy planing, radical curve.
  • 2XV Bottom Shape: Double V Concave, the ultimate in bite and smooth ride.
  • Super Tail Kick: Radical Responsiveness.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Built to handle what you can deliver.
  • Team Edition: Lighter, high end performance!