Da Curve


Style, grace and consistency sum up this year’s all new Da Curve range. The new outline takes this board to the

next level of performance. We pushed our widepoints further forward, narrowed out the tail and increased volume in front of the mast track. We have increased the V numbers to keep the quick planing and easy sailing these boards have been credited with. All these changes have turned the boards into ultra fast, razor sharp turning machines. Purpose built for any wave sailing conditions or whatever you throw at it! The ultimate tool for expressing the way you turn.


  • Narrow tail section for tighter turns
  • Slightly longer length
  • Fuller nose
  • Increased V throughout
  • Same fast, progressive rocker line.
  • Triple Curve Rocker Line: Perfect combination of speed, responsiveness, planning and radical re-entry assistance.
  • PCCS Outline: Power Carving, Control and Stability.
  • Compact Shape: Lighter nose and superior balance.
  • Smoother Entry Rail: Always able to change direction.
  • Razor Rails- turns on a dime
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Team Edition Construction