Björn Dankers


I started windsurfing in Sylt when I was 8 years old. Since that I am addicted to windsurfing and it’s the biggest part of my life. I spent a lot of time on Sardegna, Tenerife or in Denmark to improve my windsurfing level. My second home is Sylt, I spent a lot of time on this island. In the last ten years i spectated all PWA World Cups on Sylt. My goal was to compete with all my big idols. Since the beginning Tabou Boards and GA-Sails are supporting me to reach my goals. 
After my A-level in 2013 I spent a lot of time on the water and in the gym to improve my physical fitness.
In 2014 I entered first PWA Event on Sylt.
My goal is to combine the work as a doctor and competing in PWA or national events

Career highlights

2016 53th PWA Sylt – Slalom

2014 2nd Youth IFCA WM/DWC Sylt – Slalom

2012 2nd Rookie DWC Sylt – Slalom 

2008 1st Starboard freestyle contest Fehmarn