Davy Scheffers


nameDavy Scheffers
sail noNED - 311
aboutSince a long time I am stoked on windsurfing... As I grow up in Zierikzee, the Netherlands surrounded by water I grew up in the wind and rain. From the moment I started windsurfing I have always been chasing the storms. No matter how cold the days where, when it was windy I found myself in the water and until the day now I am still out there and try to explore the world of windsurfing. I have always been sailing on lakes and flatwater and in the years I tried to get as many possible session between the waves to get some jumping done. Even the days now I discovered new places, sandbanks, lagoons and bird reserves and still fully believe to follow my intuition and feel the soul of doing windsurfing. Since the days in 2010 when I started traveling for real and visited many windsurfing spots around Europe and further around on earth. Tabou and Gaastra already used to back me up back in the days from 2005. as soon I started hit the international scene they always used to give me right hand so I had the chance focussing on getting closer to the top level and to meet up with the best professional windsurfers of the world.
I still believe that there laying some wonders in the deep blue sea, my aim is only to move forward. Some days you definitely struggle around and facing several issues and what I really learned is that an open and positive mind, trust and believe in yourself together with windsurfing keeps me rolling forward with the support of some of the best brands I hope to stay strong and healthy and push windsurfing into new boundaries and raise the level to hopefully a worldchampion title.

My career highlights where the EFPT european title in 2012 and a 5th place on the PWA world tour overall in 2011 and 2013 I could manage again to get 6th on the PWA worldtourd overall lucky this is only about competition if you really think about it the most what matters is you are happy, and that you get the chance of enjoying this life thats given to you to the fullest as long you have it. Me I Like the days the most when I can hang out with my be-loveds and friends with sick conditions these are the best!
career highlights- Serveral time dutch champion in freestyle
- EFPT 2012 european champion
- PWA tour 2011 5th 2013 6th overall
favourite sailsPure
favourite boardTabou Twister
words to live byWhen you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks to your food and the joy of living.