Davy Scheffers


The most creativite discipline in windsurfing – Freestyle. Diverse and difficult technical movements, where total control of move patterns requires mastery and this can take years of practice. Since the age of eleven, when I started windsurfing in 2003, until today I focus on windsurfing in a very active way. Moving is what I like and what pushes me forward. Windsurfing gives me that drive, the joy and energy. The stoke of windsurfing keeps running through my vains and I can’t get enough of moving. I like jumping around, flying over the water and making progress. It goes very fast and is so powerful. So much fun to go out and boost out new tricks. I love it!

Career highlights

Top 10 PWA since 2010 

3rd PWA Podersdorf Austria 2011
5th overall PWA 2011
EFPT champion 2012