Lars Bubelach


I came to windsurfing through my family. They themselves have been windsurfing for ages and spent every conceivable time on the beach with me. When I was 11 years old I really started windsurfing. For my father it was no option to travel to a spot without waves. Also not for me to train on a lake or similar. Accordingly, I had to learn quickly to deal with waves. This developed my love for the discipline Wave.
In 2020 I started to compete for the first time and enjoyed the PWA-Youth in Denmark as well as the Danish open. During these competitions all youth competitors grew together as a group. From then on we try to meet each other on the water to push ourself and the limits. It is nice to learn new moves together.
My absolute favorite spot is Cold Hawaii. I love everything there, the waves, the culture and the scenery. As long as I can remember, we go there every free time to ride the best waves and chase the wind. But not living directly at the coast opened my mind to check out also all other disciplines.
Spending most time as possible to get better and better on the water, that is my goal.

Career highlights

3rd PWA Youth Worldcup U-17 Denmark

3rd Danish Open Wave Youth Spring edition
3rd Danish Open Freestyle Youth Spring edition
3rd Multivan Windsurf Cup Zinnowitz U21 Slalom
5th PWA Youth Worldcup U-20 Denmark
3rd PWA Youth Worldcup U-20 Super Session Denmark
2nd Danish Open Wave Youth Autum edition
2nd Danish Open Freestyle Youth Autum edition
Danish Youth Wave Champion 2021