Lucas Guiraud 


I started windsurfing at the age of 5 at home in Corsica (Ajaccio) and benefited from having my father who worked on the famous Almanarre spot, I spent all my holidays there sailing until I was 18.

I practiced windsurfing for pleasure until the arrival of the foil, a new support  that I really enjoyed practicing at the beginning of 2019.

Since then I have settled in lalmanarre, sail every day in order to be as efficient as possible, while having fun exchanging with other windsurfers on one of the best spots in the world.

My ambition on the pwa tour is to get into the top 10, but also to push the windfoil as far as possible!

I like the spirit of competition as much as sharing this passion, which is surely one of the most beautiful sports that also allows us to be close to the world around us.

Career highlights

Aff marignane 1st, Aff st Malo 2nd, pwa Croatia 14th, gp almanarre 1st, defi wind 20th


European championship foil 5th, world foil championship 6th, French speed foil champion, 2nd fastest man, 12 pwa Croatia, 2nd 1 hour torbole, defi wind superstar 19th


7th Wolds IFCA Sylt 2015  3rd one houre torbole, 9 pwa Croatia 1star