Ross Williams


nameRoss Williams
sail noGBR- 83
aboutI was Born on the Isle of wight in 1980, i started windsurfing and other water sports when i was 4 years old. I was always in and around the water growing up. I starting competing internationally when i was 13. I won the youth IFCA WORLD title 2 twice, i started traveling more and more when i left school. I was lucky to be able to train with the Gaastra team and live on Maui as a base and travel away to compete. I always looked up to the pritchard brothers and Phil mcgain who help guide me to become a professional sailor. I have been sponsored by Gaastra since 1999 and Tabou since 2005. I have competed on the PWA tour in the wave, slalom, super x, and formula disciplines and i have been luckily enough to travel all over the world. I am now a senior member of our international team, and i help our designers developed our latest products when ever call for and I am also the UK agent for our brands so now i spend a lot more time in the UK sailing the spots that i did before leaving the UK to start my career while visiting shops and centres promoting the brands i ride for.
career highlights- 2015 2nd Costa Brava
- 2012 ranked 7th overall PWA Wave & 7th Slalom
- 2011 ranked 10th overall PWA Wave & 14th Slalom
- 2010 ranked 9th overall PWA Slalom & 13th Wave
- 2009 ranked 5th Slalom & 13th Wave
- 2009 6th Cabo Verde Waves
- 2008 PWA ranked 4th Slalom
- 2007 PWA ranked 9th Slalom
- 2006 PWA ranked 9th Wave, 8th Slalom 42 and 8th Super X
- 3rd PWA slalom Turkey 2008
- 1st pwa slalom Austria 2009
- 2nd slalom costa brava 2009
- 2nd slalom Sylt 2012
- 3rd slalom Korea 2012
- 5th wave Sylt. 2012
favourite sailsManic 4.7
favourite boardPocket 78
words to live byEveryday on the water is a good day!! enjoy life to the fullest.