Ross Williams


Professional windsurfer sponsored by Gaastra since 1999. Started sailing when I was 5, so over 34 years ago. Love all watersports, passionate about spending as much time in the water as possible. Love to inspire people to push themselves to succeed whatever challenges life can throw at you. Love see other people stoked on windsurfing. Good food, healthy life style, good wine, good music and spending time with my wife.

Career highlights

6th PWA Overall Slalom 2018
4th PWA Overall Slalom 2018

3rd PWA Overall Slalom 2017
3rd PWA Fuerteventura Slalom 2017
3rd PWA Denmark Slalom 2017
3rd Sylt PWA Slalom 2017

2nd PWA Fuerteventura Slalom 2016
3rd PWA Korea Slalom 2016

2nd PWA Costa Brava Slalom 2015
3rd PWA Fuerteventura Slalom 2015

6th PWA Cabo Verde Wave 2009
1st PWA Austria Slalom 2009