Thomas Traversa


I started Windsurfing, when I was 9 and fell in love with wavesailing very quickly. On top of sailing at my home spots in the south of France, I travelled a lot with my parents during school holidays to spend as much time as possible on the water. In 2002 I went to Indonesia with other pro windsurfers and from there I never stopped exploring the planet to find new amazing places to windsurf. In 2003 I started to compete on the PWA World Tour. After focusing on the freestyle discipline for the first years, I also began competing in the waves and climbed up the rankings year after year to finally win a PWA wave world title in 2014. Nowadays I am still on the PWA tour, but I spend more and more time trying to ride big waves such as Jaws or Nazaré to name the most famous ones.

Career highlights

1st PWA Sylt Wave 2018

3rd PWA Pozo 2017

2nd PWA Sylt 2016
4th overall PWA World Tour 2016

4th PWA Maui 2015
4th overall PWA World Tour 2015

1st PWA Denmark 2014
2nd PWA Tenerife 2014
1st PWA indoor (jumps) Warsaw 2014
2nd PWA France 2014
2nd PWA Maui 2014
PWA wave world champion 2014

4th overall PWA World Tour 2013

1st PWA Denmark 2012
4th PWA Denmark 2011