Ingmar Daldorf


nameIngmar Daldorf
sail noNED-191
aboutI became addicted to windsurfing when I was 12 year-old, together with my dad and two younger brothers, you could find us on the water every weekend. I started with freestyle and had much fun trying different tricks, but when I had my first slalom race, I knew that this was my thing! I love the acceleration of the board and the kick, you get while racing. After I finished my building engineer study, I decided to give international racing a go, so I started training more and joined the world tour. Besides windsurfing I like to being busy with all sort of crafts and I stay fit with outdoor trx fitness and crossfit.
career highlights9th at PWA Korea 2018
2nd in elimination 4 of the PWA Costa Brava 2017
2nd Dutch championship slalom 2016
12th PWA Hvide Sande 2016
11th PWA Sylt 2016
2nd Overall Dutch championship slalom 2015
4th Overall Eurocup 2015
7th Wolds IFCA Sylt 2015
2nd Europa championship slalom 2014
First planning session 2002
favourite sailsGA Sails Vapor 7.9
favourite boardTabou Manta 116
words to live byLive your life